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Data Center Infrastructure Intelligence

Make informed decisions for your mission critical infrastructure


DCMETRIX offers cutting edge professional services for the data center industry. We specialize in data center physical infrastructure including power, cooling, telecommunications and sustainability.

Our goal is to facilitate decision making by providing our clients analysis, research, and actionable recommendations from a highly technical and vendor-agnostic perspective.

Our CEO, Moises Levy, PhD, is a seasoned engineer, data center subject matter expert and trusted advisor. His research includes a framework to measure data center performance and risk, which is now part of data center standards and best practices.


DC-PRAaaS: Data center performance and risk analytics aaS

A unique comprehensive service that transforms raw data into metrics for business intelligence.

Data centers are too complex and dynamic for this to be done solely by humans. Our software-based tools analyze data in real time to provide holistic and consistent key performance and risk indicators, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

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Our service
  • Aligned with data center standards and best practices

  • Novel multidimensional data center metrics

  • AI / Machine learning capabilities

  • Cloud-based

  • Customizable

We deliver
  • Real time KPIs, KRIs, predictive and prescriptive analytics

  • Performance is measured through efficiency, productivity, sustainability and operations

  • Risks associated to performance

  • Detailed dashboards and reports

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Value added to you
  • Strategic planning and self-audit

  • Holistic vision of the data center behavior

  • Complements existing platforms: DCIM, BMS, BAS, EMS ...

  • Monetary savings

Risk assessment

DCRA: Data center risk assessment

Ideal for data center stakeholders selecting a new site, demanding a better understanding of the existing facility, looking for a risk-related audit, considering an expansion, managing multiple facilities, evaluating a merger, or acquiring new data centers.

  • Data center risk assessment

  • Data center site risk metric​

Based on our proprietary methodology. Tested successfully for 10+ years. 

Our CEO introduced a novel framework for:​​

  • Aligned with standards and best practices
    ISO/IEC 27000 series, ANSI/TIA 942-B, ANSI/BICSI 002, BICSI 009, ISO/IEC 22237 series, Uptime Institute

  • Risk identification, risk analysis and risk evaluation

  • Gap analysis of physical infrastructure reliability of the data center

  • Site risk score using a novel Data Center Site Risk metric​

​The outcome
  • Data center site risk understanding

  • Results in an easy-to-interpret dashboard and detailed technical report

  • Prioritized actionable recommendations

  • DCRA is key for strategic planning and contributes to educated decision-making!

Trusted Advisor

At DCMETRIX we see ourselves as trusted advisors to  you  as  a  client. Our aim  is  to  provide guidance only motivated by your best interest and to help you achieve your goals.

Our expertise is in Data Center physical infrastructure, including but not limited to:
  • Power

  • Cooling

  • Telecommunications

  • Sustainability

  • Metrics and analytics

  • Risk assessment

  • Audits and gap analysis

  • Capacity planning

  • Innovative technologies: liquid cooling, grid-interactive UPS, new battery chemistries

  • Strategies

  • Technology-to-market

Trusted Advisor
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